Episode 32

Hi guys!

The name’s Buttercup ❤

This is my first go round with posting on here but I hope you’ll see me a whole lot more!

Technique: How to create hair using colored pencils.

~To achieve the same color as me, you’ll need:

  • A dark reddish brown
  • Medium brown
  • Dark brown
  • Darker brown
  • Black
  • White (for highlighting)

Any brand will work, as I’m working with Crayola and some other colored pencils I forgot the name of…

(Sorry in advance, my pictures are kinda… blue-ish?)

First you want to sketch the outline of the hair, as I’ve done here. It gives you a good idea of how full and what particular style you want, etc.

Next you want to start shading with your reddish brown. Careful not to color the full shaft of hair.

Then shade with the medium brown. Covering most but not all of the reddish brown.

Add the dark brown. Again, covering most of the medium brown but not all.

Yep, then add the darker brown. Like before covering most but not all of the previous color.

Lastly, use the black to add the shadows, like I’ve done here.

Now that you’ve colored the hair- where the white space is, if yours looks like mine, color lightly with the reddish brown making the spot a little samaller.

Once you’re done, color with the white on top.

Viola! You’ve just created superb hair!

Bravo, you deserve a pat on the back and GIVE THAT AWESOME PERSON A COOKIE!

…Did you have fun?



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