Meet the Artists

Hello, there! Welcome to The Art Lab. This blog is filled with art inspiration and ideas, along with some of our own art – pretty ATCs, fun envelope designs, and more. Join us every week for new art fun!

Meet the Artists:

Allison — is a farm girl who lives in a Christian, homeschooling, family of 7. Some of her many hobbies are photography, blogging, polymer clay, and of course, art! She’s excited to create beautiful things alongside of this wonderful team of artists. She also has a personal blog over at A Farm Girl’s Life.

Hannah — is an artist, designer, photographer, writer, homeschooler and Christian. She looks forward to sharing and creating art here at the Art Lab, and hopes to inspire you to create! Make sure to check out her personal blog Crafts of all Seasons!

Gaby — is a Christian student with a lovable little sister. She has been homeschooled for almost all my life. She loves art: mix media, lettering, photography, sewing, and graphic design.  Be sure to check out her blog quaint & darling.

Amie~~is a normally crazy teenager that hopes and prays to be a world changer.  She mostly enjoys writing, and music, but dabbles in art.  (Otherwise, why would she be here?) Charcoal sketching and oil painting are her favorite, closely followed by pastel pencils.  You can stalk her by following her personal blog, Crazy A. 

Danielle — is a homeschooled, artsy, fashion obsessed, fangirling teen. She has never been to public school in her entire life, and she wants to study fashion design and entrepreneurship in college. She loves to create original artwork and she can’t wait to start posting on this site! You can read more posts by her on her lifestyle blog, Donuts and Daydreams. 🙂

Previous Artists:

Anika — Hey everyone! My name is Anika. I am a Christian homeschooled girl, a tomboy who loves to play with Barbies and a young almost-published author who is (barely) surviving life with only two great parents, five siblings and God. I enjoy blogging, writing, drawing, sketching, watching Disney movies and making movies with my Barbies. I guess that out of all of those things, Art is one of my favorites, and I really look forward to sharing my art on this blog. You can check out my personal blog at Anika’s Avenue.

Buttercup — is a homeschooled, Christian, girl. She leads a busy suburban life with her family of nine. When free time is found, you’ll find her crocheting, blogging, book writing, songwriting, drawing, painting or most likely, sleeping… Find out more about her through her personal blog, Typically Untypical Teen.

Megan — is Allison’s younger sister, so she’s a Christian, homeschooled, farm girl. She also enjoys photography, and blogging, along with graphic designing and playing un-organized sports such as Capture the Flag, water balloon fights, etc. Also make sure to check out her personal blog, A Barefoot Gal.

Clara — Hey there! My name is Clara. I’m a slightly crazy farm girl that lives in the middle of nowhere with my beloved camera and a gang of wild siblings. I love road trips, blogging, and exploring the rambling woods on our farm. Art is another passion I have, and I look forward to sharing that here on ArtLab! Check out my personal blog, Clara & Co.

Hayley — is a homeschooled, Christian girl in a family of 6. She enjoys photography, writing, crafting, reading, blogging, and tending to her family’s little farm. Read more about Hayley’s crazy, rural, New England life at Flourishing by Restful Falls.



54 thoughts on “Meet the Artists

  1. Hello! This is a really neat blog! 🙂 Just wondering…do you do guest posts? It is totally fine if you do not, but I have an idea for a really neat art project I’d love to share with others. Again, if not, I completely understand. Have a great day. 🙂

    Love in Christ,


    1. Hi, Elise! Ooh, thanks so much for asking! I’ll have to ask my fellow artists, but that sounds like a great idea! I’ll try to get back to you soon. 🙂


    2. Hello again, Elise!
      So I asked around, and we’d love that! You can type up your post whenever you want and tell me when you’d like to publish it. Thanks so much for volunteering!


  2. Goodness. You guys are so talented with so many mediums! And I can’t even get pencil drawings right….:(
    Maybe for another Art Lab episode, you could do something with just pencils?


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