Episode 38

Hey, guys! Welcome back to another episode of Art Lab. 🙂

Today I want to show you how to draw “spaghetti mountains,” which is what I decided to call this certain doodling technique. 😛 I think it looks so neat in the end, and it’s quite fun and relaxing to draw.

Art Inspiration:

Pointillist Line Drawings of Mountains by Christa Rijneveld


Isn’t this gorgeous? I love it! I made a similar piece using this as inspiration, and also made you guys a little tutorial if you’d like to try it yourself. 🙂

Materials Needed:

  • Paper, an ATC, canvas, etc.
  • Black pens or markers (I used varying sizes of Micron pens + a black brush pen)
  • A white gel pen (optional)
  • Some time

1. Draw some jagged lines for mountain ridges with your thickest pen (I made the lines thicker later). Make some ridges in the background and foreground.

art 1 (915x1280)

2. Take your second thickest pen and start filling the first mountain with “spaghetti.” XD Draw some curvy lines that all start and end at the same point, and follow each other closely. Like so.

art 2 (1280x854)

3. Add more spaghetti in a different direction, and connecting to the noodles you already drew.

art 3 (1280x854)

4. Keep adding more spaghetti in all different directions until you fill the whole mountain ridge.

art 4 (1280x854)

5. Now for the ridge behind it. Use a slightly thinner pen to show perspective, because things (like spaghetti) look smaller when farther away.

art 5 (1280x854)

6. Keep it up! After you finish that ridge, move onto the one behind, using a thinner pen each time and making the lines close together. Doesn’t it look so neat thus far?

art 6 (1280x1280)

7. Add a sun behind the last ridge. I left a white space, but you wouldn’t have to. 😉

art 7 (1280x854)

8. Next we’re going to make the “rays” of the sun. Using your thickest pen, fill in the space above the sun with rows of dots or ovals.

art 8 (1280x854)

9. Make the dots in each new row bigger than the last…

art 9 (1280x854)

10. Ta-daa! You’ve filled the whole page!

art 10 (1280x956)

11. You can definitely leave it like that, but I added a bit more embellishment with a white gel pen. First I colored in the sun black, (weird, I’ve never seen a black sun before, have you? XD), and then rimmed it with dainty white dots.

art 11 (1280x854)

12. And lastly, I added some white circles to the black dots, just to break things up a bit.

art 12 (1280x854)

13. Ta-daa! You’re finished!

art 13 (856x1280)

What do you think? I think… strange but neat. 🙂 I hope you get a chance to try this, because it’s quite fun and I love the end result.

If you DO make art inspired by this post, we’d love to see it! Check out this page to see how you can help us fill our gallery.

Thanks for reading, dears, and have fun making art! 🙂



Episode 37

Hello everyone! Welcome back to the art lab for another artsy post! Today I thought it would be fun  to try out some pretty and girly Parisian inspired art! Of course you could use any design you wanted to make it, but I will be using an Eiffel Tower in this tutorial!

Here is what you will need:

  • Watercolor paper
  • Watercolor paints (liquid or solid)
  • Flat brushes
  • Pallet (if you have liquid watercolors)
  • Your design (mine is an Eiffel tower)
  • Pencil
  • Pen (preferably a nicer black one)

Note: Sorry in advance that these pictures aren’t the greatest. They were taken with my old camera.

So first you are gonna draw your design onto the watercolor paper


Add in some details with the pencil, then go over the design with the pen.

Now for the fun part! Paint some watercolor over the design to create a fun look!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Sorry it was kind of short, I have had a ton of school to get done this week.

Have a great weekend!


Episode 36

Hello everyone! Happy first day of December! Welcome back to Art Lab, today I will be sharing this super fun idea for making a wintery Artist Trading Card! Get on your snow gear and lets build a snow man!

So first you are gonna paint the card a very light blue

Next print out this template. Cut out the circles and trace them onto felt. Cut out the circles from the felt.

Once the paint is dry glue on the felt circles in the shape of a snowman. I just used a glue stick.


(cringes at the terrible photo)

Add a face and maybe some buttons with different colored sharpie’s!

And I just wrote, “Let it Snow!” on the front.

And now you have a cute and easy ATC!

If you were inspired by this art and would like to share it please click here

I hope you enjoyed reading and Merry Christmas!



Episode 35

Hi guys!

Welcome back to the Art Lab! How’ve you been? I’m really excited to present today’s art toturial on eyebrows!

Technique: drawing (semi) perfect eyebrows.

You’ll need:

  • A pencil 
  • An eraser
  • And plenty of time

Let’s began, shall we?

    1. Sketch the outline of the eyebrow

    2. If your lines are kinda thick, erase them lightly. Then, start drawing the hairs closer to the bridge of the nose. Like this:

    Always remember, there are a few “stray” hairs. They are closest to the bridge of the nose, so don’t forget them.

    4. Once you’ve done that, continue adding hairs.

    As you go further away from the nose, eventually, the eyebrow width will get smaller. Therefore, make sure not to add to many hairs towards the end.

    5. Fill in a little more if needed.

    Viola! You’re done. Great job!! 

    Did you have fun?

    If you’d like, you can show us your work and add it to the gallery!


    Episode 34

    Heyyyyy, guys, and welcome back to Art Lab! Today I’m going to show you three super simple and fun techniques for creating art with watercolors. These ideas are great for art-starters, warm-ups, or even as finished pieces. I used ATCs for my canvas, but you can use whatever paper you like (though watercolor paper works the best, if you have it). Also note that you can use watered-down acrylic paint instead of watercolors if you need too.

    Alright, let’s do the easiest (and perhaps most fun) first. 🙂

    Technique #1: Magic Islands

    I discovered this one by accident and I just LOVE doing it!

    1. Lay down some plastic wrap and drop some water in one corner. Dip your wet paintbrush in watercolor and mix it into the water.

    art 1 (1280x887)

    2. Load up your brush with the diluted paint and splatter it onto the plastic wrap.

    art 2 (1280x936)

    3. Lay a paper of some sort on top and smooth it out, then pick it up (obviously 😛 ).

    art 4 (1280x853)

    4. Wait for the paint to dry, then trace around the splotches with pen.

    art 5 (1280x859)

    5. And you’re done!

    art 6 (1280x854)

    I think this technique looks like islands, don’t you? This would be a fun way to make a map:

    art 7 (1280x948)

    Technique #2: Bubble Maze

    This technique produces a fun and striking result. The translucence of the watercolor lets you see the colors overlap which makes a really neat effect.

    1. Start by painting some dots. Overlap them and attach them to other circles so that the colors bleed into each other.

    art 11 (1280x847)

    2. Continue adding dots of different colors until the page is mostly filled.

    art 12 (1280x884)

    3. Fill in the white areas with black Sharpie or pen. And you’re done!

    art 13 (1280x853)

    Technique #3: Splatter Trees

    This is a great way to give the impression of leaves without drawing ever single leaf.

    1. Splatter different complementary colors (I used fall colors, but you can use whatever you wish) onto your paper. Try to keep it roughly in a tree shape, but don’t worry if the splatters get a little out of control.

    art 8 (1280x954)

    2. After the foliage is dry, use a slightly damp brush and brown paint to add in some branches and a trunk. Don’t draw all the branches the tree has, just a few poking out for effect. 😉

    art 9 (1280x892)

    3. Add some grass and a few dots of fall color if you’re doing an autumn tree. And you’re done!

    art 10 (1280x853)

    And there you go! Three fun and simple ways to make some watercolor art.

    art 14 (1280x853)

    Which technique was your favorite? If you make art inspired by this post, we’d love to see it! Click here to learn how to help us fill our art gallery!