Episode 47

Hello lovelies!

As a big fan of Pixar movies and in honor of Incredibles 2 coming out last Thursday, I decided to make fan art of one of my favorite characters: Violet Parr!

You will need: a pencil (I’m using a Blackwing Pearl), watercolor paper/mix media paper (I’m using a Canson Mix Media Sketchbook), watercolor (Using Windsor and Newton Cotman Watercolors), brushes, eraser, black waterproof artist pens (I’m using Micron Pigma 03)

Step 1.


Taking out a sketchbook and pencil, start by sketching out the rough outline of a face with pencil. Center the face on the paper. Where will the nose go? the eyes? If you are curious, I’m using a Blackwing Pearl pencil and a Canson XL Mix Media Sketchbook.

Step 2.


Finish sketching the face and add tiny details like eyelashes. I googled “Violet Parr” and used a photo as a basis for my interpretation. I love her big eyes and jet black hair! 😁

Step 3.


Once you’ve completed the final touches, start tracing the pencil lines with a black waterproof pen. I don’t recommend using a ballpoint pen or any gel pens since we will be adding watercolor on top.

Step 4.


After you finish lining the whole sketch, let it dry for a minute or so to prevent possible smearing. Erase well with a high quality eraser that doesn’t smudge. Remove any sign of pencil marks!

Step 6.


Here’s the fun part! 🎊😊 Begin adding watercolor to your masterpiece. I colored Violet’s hair with Payne’s Grey from my Winsor and Newton Cotman set. Don’t add too much water or the paper might begin to pill.

Step 7.


Finish adding color and observe. Do you need to add anything else? Don’t forget to label your artwork!


How did you like this tutorial? Do you like the Incredibles as much as I do?

Live creatively!



Episode 46

Hello everyone!! Welcome back to Art Lab! Today I’ll be showing you a quick and super easy technique on drawing Mandala’s. I’ve always found it hard to draw fine detail flowers and such, but I love how this technique is super easy and the results are always great!

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Episode 45

Hey guys!

Ever go to a craft store looking to buy a brush marker, then get intimidated by the choices? Look no more! Gaby is here to save the day! *hahaha* I’ll share the best brush markers to use!

Large Brush Markers

  • Tombow Dual Tip Brush Markers


Available in how many colors: 96 bright and pastel colors

Cost per marker: $2.76 to 3.11

Description: Brush tip on one end and bullet tip on the other end, long black body. The marker tip will eventually fray after awhile–mine gave up after a year or so.

  • Crayola Broad Tip Markers


Available in how many colors:

Cost per marker: 10 cents (depends on the store)

Description: colored cone tip with white body (not exactly a brush marker). It’s cheap but doesn’t have the best control.

Small Brush Markers

  • Tombow Fudenoske Brush Marker (Hard tip and soft tip)


Available in how many colors: Only in black

Cost per marker: $2.75

Description: Black body and black cover. The soft tip is lovely for a messy, brush-y, artistic brush lettering–less control. The hard tip has more control and is easier to begin with.

  • Pentel Sign Pen


Available in how many colors: 12 colors

Cost per marker: $3.39

Description: Tapered black body. The tip is comparable to the Tombow Fude Soft tip. The tip has more control than the Fude Soft tip.

  • I own all these markers and love to use all of them. For beginners, I highly recommend starting with a small brush tip marker.


What did you guys think?

Live creatively!




Episode 44

Hello, dears!

I absolutely LOVE the art we’re going to do today! I think this might be my favorite piece of art I’ve done for Art Lab, or at least one of my favorites! Here’s the stunning art inspiration for today:

I really like this pattern and how it’s growing and evolving while I’m drawing it. #doodle #doodling #drawing #teckning #pattern #mönster…


HOW NEAT IS THAT? :O After pondering for a while, I came up with the idea of making the design into a constellation-type doodle with a watercolor background. I think the finished result looks gorgeous! Ready to start? Alright!

1. Selecting a canvas depends on your supply of both patience and time. You’ll need both for this project. 😉 If you have a limited supply of the aforementioned, I would suggest making this an ATC. If you’re bored and want to spend a while just making art, use a sketchbook page.

If you like clean white borders as much as I do, put strips of washi tape around the edge of your paper.

art 1

2. Paint a graded wash of watercolor, starting with dark blue at the top and fading into purple and then pink at the bottom.

art 2

3. Using a white gel pen, make a diagonal band of densely clustered dots across the top of the page.

art 3

4. Fill the rest of the page with dots, spreading them further and further apart from each other as you move away from the first band of stars.

art 4

5. Now for the fun (but tedious) part! Connect the dots. You don’t have to connect every dot to every other, but that’s what I did. For maximum impact, you’re going for a bunch of triangles – if an area has more than three sides, you missed a dot. Don’t cross over any lines or it will get too muddled.

art 5

art 6

6. Once you near the right bottom corner, take a break and sketch in the outline of a tree on a hill. (I should have done this before I started the stars, but I didn’t. I recommend learning from my mistake. 😉 ) Make an elongated cloud shape on a trunk, and “cut out” a few holes in the leaves and branches for extra realism.

art 7

7. Mark the sketch with a bunch of dots to connect later. Don’t do them too close together, but the fewer dots you use, the more geometric your tree will be.

art 8

8. Connect the rest of the dots.

art 9

9. Now take a black brush pen or Sharpie and color in between the lines. 😉

art 11

10. Ta-daa! Now for the great reveal…

art 12


art 13

art 16art 14

art 15

I really love how this turned out, and I hope you guys do too! Do you think you’ll make this? If you do, I’d love to see it! Click here to see how to send it in and add it to our Art Lab gallery.

Thanks for reading, dears, and have a lovely day!