Episode 23

I am so excited to show you guys this episode of Art Lab! As you may know, I absolutely love drawing and photographing eyes, so I thought this would be a fun post to do. 🙂

Art Prompt:

The inspiration for today is this amazing tutorial (also shown below). The end result seriously looks like a photo, doesn’t it?

The reflection is what I have trouble with...:

AHHHH, I love it! Mine looks more like a drawing and less like a photo, but I’m still quite pleased with how it turned out. 😀

DSC_0627 (800x533).jpg

It was sooo much fun to draw! Today I’m going to show you a few tips and tricks I’ve learned from this and other tutorials and help you avoid some common mistakes. Now I am NOT saying I don’t make mistakes, because I do, and plenty of ’em! When you make a mistake you can’t fix, sometimes you just have to figure out what went wrong and start over. I know you’ve heard this about 2 billion times in your life, but seriously: if you want to get good at something, art included, just keep practicing! Sometimes you have to fail once or several times before you succeed.

Mistake #1: Eyelashes

Eyelashes can be incredibly hard to draw, am I right? They give me a lot of trouble sometimes. But here are some things to keep in mind that might help.

  • Most people’s eyelashes are not perfectly straight and thick like American Girl Doll eyelashes. It’s a sad fact of life, my friends. (Actually, maybe not so sad – that would be kind of creepy. XD ) Look in the mirror: eyelashes cross over each other and are often bunched together in little clusters.eye 11 (1280x853)
  • Lashes aren’t as thick and dark at the top as at the bottom. Press your pencil down hard when you start at the base of the eyelash and not as much as you curve the line upwards.
  • Peoples’ bottom set of eyelashes can actually be pretty long (or not, depending on the person). Draw them lighter and more sparsely than the top set. And again, they aren’t perfectly straight and thick. I think eyelashes in the bottom set cross over each other especially much. (Look at the “Art Inspiration” at the beginning of this post for an example.)

Mistake #2: The White of the Eye

Often people leave the white of the eye just that – blank white. But the truth is, your eyelid and eyelashes cast shadows on it, so it’s not perfectly white. Shade and smudge around the inner edges of your eye to make it really pop.

eye 12 (1280x853)

Now that you know what to avoid, I wanted to do a little tutorial for you guys. I already showed you the super amazing, super realistic tutorial for the art inspiration, but it was a bit hard to follow, wasn’t it? This tutorial should be easier to follow, even if it’s not as amazing. 😉

Step 1: Draw the shape of the eye. It’s a rounded almond shape, wider or thinner depending on the person. Don’t forget to add a rounded triangle thingy for the tear duct.


Step 2: Draw the iris, pupil, and highlight. (I just did a simple circle highlight for this tutorial.) Don’t draw the iris as a complete circle because you can’t see the whole iris in real life unless you’re opening your eye really wide. Sketch out the pupil until you find a satisfactory size – a too-small pupil can end up looking kind of weird.

Now add a curved line for the eyelid on top and another curved line at the bottom.


Step 3: Every person’s iris is different, but for this tutorial I went with sort of a starburst pattern. It’s okay if it isn’t perfect because it’s not always perfect in real life! Add a bunch of irregular dark lines coming out from the pupil.


Step 4: Color in the pupil the darkest you can and try to pull out the dark pigment into those lines surrounding it.


Step 5: Ooh, this is an exciting step! Finish the iris by adding more dark, inward pointing lines around the outside of the iris. Shade the top of the iris darker – remember those shadows! I smudged the pencil a bit in the middle of the iris where the starburst was to blend everything together.


Step 6: Woohoo, looking good! See what a difference those shadows make? Shade the top of the eye, the corners of the eye, and the tear duct. Smudge the pencil with your fingers to smooth out the shading.

eye 8 (1280x853)

Step 7: Add the eyelashes, and ta-daa! For extra credit and realism, you can shade the skin around the eye too, which I didn’t show here. (Note: Oops, the eyelashes didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped. I think I should have made them darker, longer, but not as close together. Remember what I was saying about making mistakes? Heh heh. XD Oh well, better luck next time!)


And there you have it! I hope this post was helpful to all you wonderful artists out there. 🙂 Do you have any tips for drawing eyes to share with me and the other readers?

Happy drawing! 😀


P. S. If you want to see another fun tutorial for drawing eyes, be sure to check out Anika’s post here! Her tutorial is super easy to follow (unlike mine maybe, heh heh) and shows you how to draw pretty, colorful eyes with pen and watercolors. I especially love all the expressions she did with the eyes at the end. XD 😀


37 thoughts on “Episode 23

  1. GAH ALLISON IT’S SO GOOD HOW DO YOU DO IT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Seriously though, it looks amazing!!!


  2. OOHH! 😮Wow how in the world do you do such amazing drawing😁 like that I couldn’t do that if I had to! 😂Lol how are U?🙂 And ow old are u?🤔 all these posts are just AWESOME! 👏👏👏❤

    -Sara 🙂


      1. Your welcome! Cool! You can drive😛lol I’m almost 13! keep up the AWESOME work!😊😊😊


            1. 😀 😀 My favorite colors are any of the cool colors (purple, blue, and green), but especially purple, mint, and turquoise. 🙂 My favorite animal… oh dear, that’s hard! I like bunnies, cats, deer, giraffes… lots of different animals. 🙂
              What about you?


              1. My top 3 favorite colors are
                Mix of pink and orange and purple! My favorite animals are horses I Absolutely love horses rabbits (I have one) and really good dogs and I like hummingbirds!😀


    1. Hmm… what do you mean? It looks okay to me, but did they get all scrambled up for you? I’m so sorry if they did! It just randomly happens sometimes and I don’t know how to fix it. :/


      1. Yeah now it’s your where I can’t eek your relys lol probably because I have a phone lol there all in a line one letter at a time lol🤔


            1. Yep, I sure do! We have one dog, one cat, and six rabbits. 🙂 If you count the farm animals part, we have around 24,000 chickens (yep, seriously!) and several hundred cows, but we don’t own the cows. (My Dad’s cousin rents the dairy.)


              1. Oh my GOSH!!!
                Oh my GOSH!!!
                oh my
                OOOOHHHHH MMMYYY GOOSSHH!! I was like cool. Dog and a cat BUT THAT MANY CHICKENSAND COWS YOU ARE SERIOUS I CAN’T BELIEVE IT THAT INCREDIBLE THAT AWESOME THAT STUPENDOUS THAT hard to believe….. gosh yoir lucky I would love to live on a farm buto I have a rabbit lol

                What are you excited to do for summer?😀😀


                1. HA HA HA you are sooo funny! Yep, I’m serious! XD I know, it’s pretty hard to believe, isn’t it? But we raise broiler-breeders in three poultry houses with 8,000 chickens each, so yep. 🙂
                  Yes, I’m am SO blessed to live on a farm! Ha ha, well rabbits are quite nice creatures, don’t you agree? XD What’s your rabbit’s name?
                  Hmm, that’s a good question! I’m excited to go swimming and excited that we’ll have a break from gathering eggs. Phew! XD What about you?


          1. Thats SO cool! Your very blessed to have all those millions of animals or something lol and a farm! How are you today?😀


  3. Yes I do! I live in Oregon! And going back to Florida in a few months to see madison (of DWOD AND MADIGRACE.ORG) And church family! 🙂


        1. Oh dear, I think we’re both a bit confused now. XD I meant that I replied to your comment asking me my favorite color and stuff and I ALSO saw your comment where you said your favorite color and favorite animal and stuff. Is that what you were thinking? Ha ha, sorry about the confusion. XD


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