Episode 17

Hey guys! It’s art time! It’s also getting close to Christmas, and so I thought I’d do a Christmas-y tutorial this time. 🙂 I hope you enjoy it.

To start with, what do you want your card to say? Here are some lines from carols or other holiday sayings that you could put on your card:

  • merry christmas (obviously XD)
  • oh holy night
  • deck the halls
  • jingle bells
  • have a holly jolly christmas
  • noel
  • let it snow
  • joy to the world
  • peace on earth
  • merry and bright
  • season’s greetings

Now that you’ve got a saying to put on your card, you can think up how you want it to look. For my first card, I wanted a more doodle-y look. I chose to write “Let it Snow” on my card. I wrote my words out, and then added a line with stripes in.


As you can see, I wrote ‘it’ in cursive. Good font pairing really will help your cards! Try not to use too many different fonts though. 😉

21 More Hand Lettering and Brush Lettering Tutorials Round Up on PrintableCrush.com:


After you are done doing it in black, fill in certain bits with a single color. I love the simplicity of this look.


If you want your card to look more elegant, I suggest script.

6987840_basic-hand-lettering-alphabet-practice_tcc62872e.jpg (800×699):


I find that sometimes if I’m making my card my letters get out of wack. A trick to help with this is to measure your card and put a light dot with a pencil in the very middle.


Then you can put your middle letter right over it.


Fill out the rest of the word and it should be pretty evenly spaced.

Here’s how my second card turned out:


Here are a few doodles you could add to your card:


Don’t know who to give the card to? Maddi is hosting a Christmas Card Exchange, so you could make a card to send to her! 😀

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Have a nice week!



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