Episode 61

Hey guys! Welcome back to Art Lab! We all know that distressed clothing items are in right now, but what about distressed art? I got the idea of “distressed art” from an old pair of jeans while cleaning out my closet the other day. (who knew that old jeans could be art inspiration? XD) After a few attempts I finally got it right – and I’m super excited to share it!

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Episode 52

Bonjour les amis!

How are you all doing? With school in sight, let’s focus on enjoying the rest of summer.

Our project today is DIY paint markers.

You will need:

  • Empty and clean waterbrush
  • Liquitex Flow-Aid (it will last you a long time!)
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Water
  • Eyedropper or syringe
  • A container with a tight lid
  • Wipes
  • Scratch paper (to test the ink)
  • Gloves (optional)
  • Patience

Step 1. Gather Materials

thumbnail 12

I’m using a rather worn Niji water brush and Liquitex Soft Body Acrylic paint in Blue, Black, and Titanium White.

Step 2. Squeeze about 1 teaspoon worth of paint into your lid-able container.

thumbnail 13

Step 3. Mix the paint up with a toothpick or chopstick.

thumbnail 14

Step 4. Pour about 3-5 drops of Liquitex Flow-Aid. It helps to dilute the acrylic paint without having the paint separate. Add about 1 tablespoon + of water until the solution is rather runny.

Step 5. Pour into your waterbrush.

thumbnail 16

It takes trial and error to make a solution that will work with a water brush. I would lean more on the watery side.

Live creatively!



Episode 45

Hey guys!

Ever go to a craft store looking to buy a brush marker, then get intimidated by the choices? Look no more! Gaby is here to save the day! *hahaha* I’ll share the best brush markers to use!

Large Brush Markers

  • Tombow Dual Tip Brush Markers


Available in how many colors: 96 bright and pastel colors

Cost per marker: $2.76 to 3.11

Description: Brush tip on one end and bullet tip on the other end, long black body. The marker tip will eventually fray after awhile–mine gave up after a year or so.

  • Crayola Broad Tip Markers


Available in how many colors:

Cost per marker: 10 cents (depends on the store)

Description: colored cone tip with white body (not exactly a brush marker). It’s cheap but doesn’t have the best control.

Small Brush Markers

  • Tombow Fudenoske Brush Marker (Hard tip and soft tip)


Available in how many colors: Only in black

Cost per marker: $2.75

Description: Black body and black cover. The soft tip is lovely for a messy, brush-y, artistic brush lettering–less control. The hard tip has more control and is easier to begin with.

  • Pentel Sign Pen


Available in how many colors: 12 colors

Cost per marker: $3.39

Description: Tapered black body. The tip is comparable to the Tombow Fude Soft tip. The tip has more control than the Fude Soft tip.

  • I own all these markers and love to use all of them. For beginners, I highly recommend starting with a small brush tip marker.


What did you guys think?

Live creatively!