Episode 48

Hello fellow artists! I hope you are having a wonderful summer so far! Today I wanted to share a really beautiful technique for painting watercolor sunsets. It is seriously so easy, and fun, and well it’s just a blast!


Isn’t it gorgeous?

Let’s get started!


Start out with a blank watercolor piece of paper. (or like mine, in a notebook)

Sorry guys, the edit didn’t turn out quite right on this one. XD

Fill your pallet with sunset-like colors I used: (from left to right) Blue, Dark Blue, Red, Blood Red, Dark Orange, Red-Violet. The colors in the center are mixed from the main colors.


Now Paint! I can’t really tell/show you how to do this because, well everyone has a different way of doing it. I will say this: Start with the reds/pinks at the bottom, use the Red-Violet to turn the red/pink into blue’s. You could also look up a few sunset pictures, and go off of them. 😉


Once the paint is dry, you can add your mountains, tree line, people, silhouette. I used a fine tip pen to outline, then a sharpie to fill in. (you don’t need a chisel sharpie, that’s just all I could find 😛 )


And you are finished! Ta-Da! It was pretty easy wasn’t it? I’m still debating to whether to put a person on the mountains or not. What do you think?

If you enjoyed this tutorial make sure to follow, and come back next weekend for another great art post!



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