Episode 45

Hey guys!

Ever go to a craft store looking to buy a brush marker, then get intimidated by the choices? Look no more! Gaby is here to save the day! *hahaha* I’ll share the best brush markers to use!

Large Brush Markers

  • Tombow Dual Tip Brush Markers


Available in how many colors: 96 bright and pastel colors

Cost per marker: $2.76 to 3.11

Description: Brush tip on one end and bullet tip on the other end, long black body. The marker tip will eventually fray after awhile–mine gave up after a year or so.

  • Crayola Broad Tip Markers


Available in how many colors:

Cost per marker: 10 cents (depends on the store)

Description: colored cone tip with white body (not exactly a brush marker). It’s cheap but doesn’t have the best control.

Small Brush Markers

  • Tombow Fudenoske Brush Marker (Hard tip and soft tip)


Available in how many colors: Only in black

Cost per marker: $2.75

Description: Black body and black cover. The soft tip is lovely for a messy, brush-y, artistic brush lettering–less control. The hard tip has more control and is easier to begin with.

  • Pentel Sign Pen


Available in how many colors: 12 colors

Cost per marker: $3.39

Description: Tapered black body. The tip is comparable to the Tombow Fude Soft tip. The tip has more control than the Fude Soft tip.

  • I own all these markers and love to use all of them. For beginners, I highly recommend starting with a small brush tip marker.


What did you guys think?

Live creatively!





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