Episode 25

Guys, guys, guys, look! It’s the 25th Art Lab post! WOOP WOOP! And today I’m doing something a little different, to celebrate. Okay, not really to celebrate – it’s mostly because I wanted to, but we can say it’s to celebrate, right? 😛 Ahem. As I was saying before I so rudely interrupted myself, today I’m just going to post some pictures of some of my recent art rather than using someone else’s art as inspiration. I’m always inspired when I look through bloggers’ art posts, so I hope this post inspires you to sit down and start drawing! 😀

First up I have a few ATCs. (If you don’t know what Arist Trading Cards are, I highly recommend you click here to find out! They’re so much fun!) Some of these are recent and some are not so recent.

YAY doughnuts! Yummy. I really like this one. 🙂

art (21) (1280x853)

I did these watercolor cherries from a tutorial on Pinterest. They turned out great – if you don’t look at the cherries on the tutorial, that is. XD

art (22) (1280x853)

I love this quote/verse thingy, and have a canvas with these words on my bed.

art (23) (1280x853)

We learned about geraniums in Nature Study, so I decided to draw one on an ATC.

art (24) (1280x853)

I made this ATC ages ago, but I still love it. 🙂

art (25) (1280x853)

This is the first page (besides the title page) in my new sketchbook. Eh, could be better, but it least it’s welcoming. XD

art (15) (1280x853)

It’s a rainbow lion! It didn’t turn out quite like I had hoped, but I still like it.

art (11) (1280x853)

I liked drawing the lion’s eyes so much that I did another one on a separate page.

art (12) (1280x853)

Ahhhh, I love this one! I wish our roosters looked this pretty. 😛 I actually just finished this today with my new Prismacolor colored pencil set. It took me several days to draw this, but I’m very pleased with how it turned out! (And in case you’re wondering, I did look off of a photo.)

art (16) (1280x853)

This is another of my absolute favorites! On my birthday I decided I wanted to draw a fox. I had a picture in my mind, and what do you know – I got it down on paper and it actually looked good! XD I didn’t copy anything but I did look off of some photos and drawings for reference. She’s such a cute wittle thing, don’t you agree?

art (17) (1280x853)

I drew this for my horse-loving friends, and for those of you who requested a horse drawing. Here you go, girls!

art (18) (1280x853)

Here’s another ATC which I drew a long time ago. I think it’s so funny but neat. XD

art (19) (1280x853)

Another mandala ATC…

art (20) (1280x853)

I drew this for art class because my art teacher wanted me to experiment with an art medium I’d never used before. I was like, “Um… I can’t really think of any art supplies that I have at home but have never used.” XD Finally we came up with artist’s pastels! It was fun to experiment, but I don’t especially like how easily they smudge.

art (5) (1280x853)
My little sister thinks this picture is so weird. XD
art (4) (1280x853)
And this one too. 😛 Well they’re kind of SUPPOSED to be weird, so…

art (6) (1280x853)

I haven’t finished this one yet and probably won’t for a long time, but I wanted to show you guys how it looks so far. I had the idea to make a collage of barcodes, and I think it’s looking really neat! I’m only using the ones off of receipts, so it’s going to take a while to collect enough to cover the whole page. Heh heh.

art (7) (1280x853)

A random Sharpie doodle…

art (8) (1280x853)

I love how this one turned out. I’m kind of proud that I could get the highlights to look fairly realistic because I usually have trouble with them. 😛

art (10) (1280x853)
Just in case you were wondering, my little sister LOVES this one. XD

We were playing around with charcoal in Art Class, and this is what my practice page turned out like:

art (2) (1280x853)

Here’s my actual drawing made with charcoal:

art (3) (1280x853)

And last but not least, one of my very favorite favorites, a picture I drew of Bethany from a photo Loren’s gorgeous post. I just LOVE how it turned out! The background was inspired by a super good teenage artist named Sydney Nielsen that I follow on Instagram. She also has a YouTube channel here. You should check it out – she’s really amazing!

art (13) (1280x853)

Are you inspired yet? XD I hope so! Which was your favorite piece of art from this post?

Also, I wondered if you have any drawing requests for me! I’m not guaranteeing I’ll draw whatever you ask, but I’d sure love to hear your suggestions and I’ll definitely try some of them!

Thanks for reading, dears, and have a lovely day (or night). ♥



20 thoughts on “Episode 25

  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I was hoping I was better a horses than you, as mean as that sounds. THAT IS THE MOST AMAZING HORSE DRAWING IT’S SO PRETTY!!! I WISH I COULD DRAW LIKE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    AND THAT PICTURE OF THE GIRL WITH A TEAR LOOOOOOKS SOOOOOO REALISTIC! I’m SO in awe of how the tear is SO SO SO 3-D!!!!!! HOW DO YOU DO THAT!?? It’s SO amazing!!!!! I mean, how can you make an interesting TOMATO???? I DON”T GET IT! XD XD Haha!!! my pictures are so flat, yours have character and are soooooo like you just took a horse and stuffed it onto a paper!! Or took a tomato and put it behind a clear paper!!! It’s not fair!!! XD Haha!! Great pics! 😉
    BTW doughnut atcs are awesome, aren’t they??? I love them!!!! They’re so fun to make!!!


    1. Ha ha, aww thank you, K. A.! Heh heh, that doesn’t sound mean – sometimes I feel like that too, even though I shouldn’t. XD BUT THANK YOUUUU! I LOVED YOUR COMMENT! Ha ha, well I added a shadow to the tear drop along with a highlight, so that probably made it more 3-D. AWW YOU ARE SO SWEET!
      Oh yes, they are! Doughnuts in general are just nice. XD

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah… XD 😉 You’re welcome! 😀 Yeah… I know, but it’s still amazing! You have a great gift! And it only makes it better that you’re so humble about it!!! 🙂 🙂
        Yeah, I made a doughnut atc and it was fun! XD XP


        1. Aww thank you SO much, dear! I do try, but sometimes it’s hard to be humble. :/ But it really helps me to remember that it’s not because of me and how hard I work or practice, it’s just because God made me with that gift. And I’m so glad he did! 😀
          OOH! I’ll bet that looks really neat! Maybe we could trade when Hayley does her next ATC trade?!

          Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh My Gosh! 😮
    I love the horse picture you are such an AWESOME artist!🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒 All those pictures are GORGEOUS! AND AMAZING!! And EXTRAVAGANT! No more words of how AWESOME your drawings are!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤👏👏👏👏👊👊👍👍👍
    keep up the AWESOME work!

    -sara ❤


  3. Your welcome! SO much! Allison!!😄😄😄 and those drawings are SO awesome did you take them from a Museum? *trying to explain how awesome of an artist you are*😀 so how are you Allison!?


    1. HA HA aww thank youuuuu! Well, I might have snuck a few… Hee hee, I’m just kidding. XD Well any gift I might have, God has given me, so I can’t take credit for that. ♥ 🙂


  4. Haha it seems like you did becouse how good they are😁😁😁 XD! Yeah, true God gave you a GREAT gift😄😄😄 how long did it take you to draw the horse picture and what is your favorite one?


    1. Aww thank you again! 😀 Um, it took maybe an hour or two or so? I actually have no idea, heh heh. XD My favorite picture is either the last one, the rooster, or the fox, maybe? It’s hard to pick! 😛


  5. That’s SO cool! I would love to draw as good as you! And I love all of them m fav is the horse fox and AL O THEM SO HARD TO CHOOSE!😁😁😊


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