Episode 14

Making eyes with WATERCOLORS.jpg

Hi, and welcome back to the Art Lab! My name is Anika, this is my very first post here and I cannot wait to share all of my art inspiration with you guys!! 😀

Today I am going to show you how (I) draw eyes inspired by this amazing art prompt!


via Pintrest

Isn’t that so cool!!??? Now, I am going to show you how I draw eyes, and paint them with WATERCOLORS!!! I LOVE WATERCOLORS!! *cough* Now, let’s start.

Step 1:

Take your pens and piece of paper and draw two almond-ish shapes.


 Step 2:

Draw a little circle in the top right corner. Now, draw a curved line on the left side.


Step 3:

Start at the little circle, and draw another curved ling down from there on the right side.


Step 4:

Draw a circle-ish shape inside of the two curved lines.


Step 5:

It’s time to break out the watercolors! Choose a color and paint thick line around the pupil, being careful not to paint the little circle that is in the top right corner.



Step 6:

Now, you can paint the pupil black.



Step 7:

Take your pen again, and make the top line of the eye dark and thick for the beginning of the eyelashes.


 Step 8:

Now, make the bottom line darker.


Step 9:

Draw the top lashes.


Step 10:

And the tiny bottom lashes. (optional)


And…. You’re done!! 😀



You can add eyebrows:


And you can add faces too:





What do you think? Do you like draw eyes? I like adding the faces ad seeing how they turn out. 😀

If you were inspired to create art from this post, we would love to see it! Get the details on how to send your art in and have it featured on this blog on our Art Gallery page!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Bye!! 😀



Episode 13


Welcome back to Art Lab! Today I’m going to show you how to make some fun marbled art inspired by some this gorgeous art prompt!

Technique: Marbling

Art Prompt:

Ooooohhhh! Marbled/swirled paint.:


Wow. Aren’t those marbled canvases just stunning? I’m going to show you how to create your own mini marbled masterpiece using just acrylic paint and a toothpick! (I’m afraid they won’t look quite the same as the canvases above, but… XD 😉 )

Step 1:

Spread a layer of paint on your paper (heavy paper such as cardstock works best). Make your layer nice and “juicy” but not too thick.


Step 2: Pour or drip a little bit of different colored paint onto your base paint. Here I added a drop of purple and pink-purple (which was already kind of marbled together in my palette).


Step 3: This is the fun part! Drag your toothpick through the paint to marble it. It works best if you drag through the paint without scraping the paper underneath. I chose to drag from the center point out which made a beautiful starburst pattern!


Here are a few other marbling suggestions:

Start with four different colors:


Go wild with your toothpick! Swirl it, drag it, move it up and down and side to side…


Make a swirly pattern by drawing a spiral with your toothpick:


Isn’t this neat? I put a drop of white down, then purple, then white again, and dragged the white outwards to make a star-ish shape. Then I dropped some white and purple spots around. Beautiful!


You can even make marbled hearts:

Start with a few drops of paint close together on a contrasting color…


Then drag your toothpick through the drops vertically: (Sorry, this example didn’t turn out too well, but trust me, it looks really neat when it works! 😛 The top two hearts are what they’re supposed to look like.)


If you swirl the paint in your palette before dropping it onto your paper, you can get more blended designs:


Or you can simply drop paint onto paint:




The paint may take a while to dry since it’s pretty thick. When it’s completely dry you can hang up your canvas/sign your art, or make a “sampler” ATC of your experiments!


I especially love how this turned out. 🙂


What do you think? Have you marbled with paint before? I love seeing how each piece turns out – they’re so different but so beautiful.