Episode 8

scribble art starter (800x800) (2)

Hello, hello! 😀 Today I have a fun idea-generator drawing technique to show you. If you don’t know what to draw, this might help!

Technique: Scribble Art-Starters

Begin by closing your eyes and drawing a random squiggly pattern on your paper or ATC. Open your eyes and connect both ends of the line if they’re not already connected. You should have a very strange looking blob on your paper. Here’s my scribble:

fish drawing 1.jpg

Next you have to use your imagination to turn your random squiggle into a picture. (Hint: the simpler the squiggle, the easier the drawing. But you may want to do a complicated squiggle for a challenge, right?) Turn it upside down or look at it from a different angle if you’re stuck. Does it look like a bird? A flower? A person?  What do you think my scribble looks like?

I thought mine looked like a fish, so I turned my squiggle into an underwater scene:

-Allison(hike) 156 (800x600)

Do you see how it works? Here are a few more scribble doodles for inspiration:

Heh heh, it’s kind of addicting.😀

So there you go – a really easy and fun way to bust “artist’s block” if that is even a thing.😄

Have you ever done this? Do you think you’ll try it?



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