Welcome to The Art Lab! (Episode 1)

Art lab pic, no room for part name

Welcome to the first episode of The Art Lab!

What is ArtLab?

ArtLab is a collaborative series put together by Hayley and Allison to give you inspiration for artistic adventures. One of us will post an art inspiration here every week to get your creative juices flowing. We’ll also show you some art that we made (usually either an ATC or a decorated envelope) using that inspiration.Usually we’ll take turns posting, but today we’re doing an introductory post together.

Now that you’re properly introduced, let’s get started, shall we?

Today’s inspiration is a party-themed envelope. If you make this envelope and send it off in the mail to one of your pen pals or friends (for their birthday or otherwise), it’s sure to brighten their day!

inspiration 1 (564x562)


Hayley’s Art:

From the above inspiration I (Hayley) made my own version…


Isn’t it beautiful? Sorry, I’m tooting my own horn😉.


I made the “banner” at the bottom with washi tape that I cut up into triangles. But instead of washi tape, you can also use card stock, tissue paper, or anything else like that… Be creative!

Once I  finished the banner, I outlined the triangles with a white gel pen on one side and a black sharpie on the other side. I loved how it turned out!



The polka dots were printed with an old pencil eraser and a few different colors of ink pads. It’s so simple–but it’s so cute!


After I finished the banner and the polka dots, I cut out a piece of card stock paper and glued it onto the envelope–this is were the address will go. I outlined the circle with a black sharpie. And added little cut-up pieces of washi tape over top of the line.

And it was done! See? It’s SO simple, but it’s SO cute!

Allison’s Art:

I’m afraid my part is a bit short and sweet. (But at least it’s not short and sour, right? 😀 ) Before I start, if you don’t know what ATCs are, check out the page at the top of our blog called, well, “What Are ATCs?”, or click here to visit it. Now we may proceed. 🙂

 I was inspired by the pretty banner and fun confetti on the envelope to make a party-themed ATC, so I made this: “Hedgie’s Birthday.”   I used watercolor crayons, water, and a black pen to illustrate the ATC.

Isn’t the lil’ guy so cute? He is being rained upon by many colored sprinkles… which will probably get stuck to his spines. XD 😀 I love hedgehogs!

005 (1280x960)

If you enjoyed this, make sure to save it to Pinterest so you can come back to it!

We hope you enjoyed this first installment of The Art Lab. Check back every week for more fun!




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