Episode 4

*Announcer’s voice* Hello, and welcome to the fourth episode of Art Lab!😄

Recently I’ve been having fun arranging simple rainbow patterns in interesting ways. This is pretty much no-fail art. As long as you can wield a marker and a pair of scissors without dying yourself blue or hacking off a finger, you’re in good shape.😄

Word Prompt: Rainbow

Rainbow is kind of boring, and unoriginal, right? Wrong! Here is how to spruce up a plain rainbow drawing (or any drawing, really):

Start by covering your paper in rainbow stripes, splotches, swirls, or pretty much any pattern you can think of. Here is a pattern I drew: (Note: Your pattern can be super simple – plain rainbow stripes work wonderfully.)

004 (1280x960) (2)
The colors were brighter in real life.😩 Bad camera! (Or maybe just bad photographer. XD)


Now, cut it up! (Although if you really like your art so far, you should save it and make another piece to cut up.) You may cut it up into nice even strips, but it’s much more fun to go wild. Cut it up into big pieces and small pieces, jagged and smooth, circles and stripes. Now place your “puzzle pieces” on a paper, but leave spaces between each of them. This is what makes it neat. The white space distorts your picture while still letting the pretty design show through. Like so

For this one I cut a circle from the above design, then hacked it to pieces and re-glued it onto an ATC with spaces between each of the jigsaw pieces. The circle spread into a sort of Easter-eggish shape.

005 (1280x960) (3)

This one started as a simple rainbow-striped square. You can see how all of the pieces fit back together.

002 (1280x960)

The background of the next one came from a marker-testing swatch.😀 It makes things more interesting if you cut out shapes, like I did with the circle here. Just make sure that the inner circle is small enough to be glued on with space to spare.

001 (1280x960)

Oh, and I almost forgot: rainbow stripes make bright and fun envelope art too, especially if you have several different shades of each color:

rainbow envelope (1280x960)

So there you are! A simple way to make beautiful art. Now break out those rainbow markers, colored pencils, or watercolors, and get drawing!



Episode 3

Welcome to the third episode of ArtLab!

Today I will be showing you an ATC I made inspired by my longings for summer
 But I also used an inspiration from Pinterest


I used the brown popsicle for my ATC today


The main thing I used today was watercolor pencils (but you could also use watercolor paints or regular color pencils). I also used oil pastels and a fine-point Sharpie.

It was simple, but I think it turned out great😀. I loved using the watercolor pencils, ’cause I loved how I could smear it with a wet paper towel so easily. Do you see how the brown went outside the lines a little bit? I actually love that look!

Now that I think about it–it would be cute if I had cut little pieces of colorful card stock for the sprinkles instead of using oil pastels!


Two weeks ago, when I was making my envelope (for the first ArtLab), I felt like the envelope wasn’t good, because it wasn’t perfect. I wanted to quit, just because I didn’t think the flags were perfect. But then I realized–nothing is perfect. The small imperfections are usually what makes the homemade card extra special.

And let me tell you, the ATC I made this week was just the same. I felt like it wasn’t good enough to show you guys. The sprinkles didn’t stand out enough. Or the pop wasn’t a perfect size. But then again–mom inspired me. She got me back to the table, and I finished my ATC.

So if you’re feeling that your art or something you’re working on isn’t perfect, remember nothing ever is. And I’m glad, because the imperfections are what makes the world a more interesting place. Heck, each one of us is a huge imperfection, but God calls us “friend!” And He chose us even though we are full of imperfections. “God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” (Romans 5:8)

Do you ever get discouraged with a creative project you’re working on? What do you do to inspire yourself to finish it?


“I have called you friends
 You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit—fruit that will last .” John 15:15-16

Episode 2

Hello, folks! I (Allison) have both a word prompt and a photo prompt for today’s inspiration. Bonus point! 😀


The word prompt is *drum roll please* dewdrops! I love dewdrops!

The photo prompt is a picture I took recently of grass bedecked with dew drops. Ahh…. 😀

-Allison(arboretum) 007.JPG


This card I made looks sort of like the photo prompt, only I didn’t see the words “Happy Birthday” floating in the grass photo. XD

009 (1280x960)

010 (1280x960)

004 (1280x960)005 (1280x960) (2)

Here are a few tips for making the card:

  • Hang a dewdrop from any curved part of a letter, and if you really want to sprinkled them on, add some to a horizontal line as well (like on the cross of the “H”).
  • Once you’ve colored the grass with different green colored pencils, you may need to trace over some of the grass blades again with a pencil to sharpen their outlines.
  • To make the grass in the front look closer to you, make the dewdrops sharper and darker, and make the ones hanging from the back grass more faded.


I also drew this snail-on-a-leaf ATC which uses the word prompt.


A few tips for drawing this:

  • I drew this using different “levels” of pencils. I used a 5B pencil for some of the darker parts, like the shading of the dewdrops and the leaf stem. The higher up you go in B pencils, the softer and darker they will draw, and the higher up you go in H pencils, the harder and lighter they will draw. (For instance, a 6B pencil has a really soft lead that draws a fuzzy, dark line. A 9H pencil has a really hard lead that draws a sharp, faint line. Normal pencils are usually somewhere in the middle of the two.)
  • Play around with the design inside of the snail’s shell.
  • You don’t have to do this in pencil! Try using markers, watercolors, or colored pencils.

Thanks for joining me! I hope you were inspired to go make some art!



Welcome to The Art Lab! (Episode 1)

Art lab pic, no room for part name

Welcome to the first episode of The Art Lab!

What is ArtLab?

ArtLab is a collaborative series put together by Hayley and Allison to give you inspiration for artistic adventures. One of us will post an art inspiration here every week to get your creative juices flowing. We’ll also show you some art that we made (usually either an ATC or a decorated envelope) using that inspiration.Usually we’ll take turns posting, but today we’re doing an introductory post together.

Now that you’re properly introduced, let’s get started, shall we?

Today’s inspiration is a party-themed envelope. If you make this envelope and send it off in the mail to one of your pen pals or friends (for their birthday or otherwise), it’s sure to brighten their day!

inspiration 1 (564x562)


Hayley’s Art:

From the above inspiration I (Hayley) made my own version


Isn’t it beautiful? Sorry, I’m tooting my own horn😉.


I made the “banner” at the bottom with washi tape that I cut up into triangles. But instead of washi tape, you can also use card stock, tissue paper, or anything else like that
 Be creative!

Once I  finished the banner, I outlined the triangles with a white gel pen on one side and a black sharpie on the other side. I loved how it turned out!



The polka dots were printed with an old pencil eraser and a few different colors of ink pads. It’s so simple–but it’s so cute!


After I finished the banner and the polka dots, I cut out a piece of card stock paper and glued it onto the envelope–this is were the address will go. I outlined the circle with a black sharpie. And added little cut-up pieces of washi tape over top of the line.

And it was done! See? It’s SO simple, but it’s SO cute!

Allison’s Art:

I’m afraid my part is a bit short and sweet. (But at least it’s not short and sour, right? 😀 ) Before I start, if you don’t know what ATCs are, check out the page at the top of our blog called, well, “What Are ATCs?”, or click here to visit it. Now we may proceed. 🙂

 I was inspired by the pretty banner and fun confetti on the envelope to make a party-themed ATC, so I made this: “Hedgie’s Birthday.”   I used watercolor crayons, water, and a black pen to illustrate the ATC.

Isn’t the lil’ guy so cute? He is being rained upon by many colored sprinkles… which will probably get stuck to his spines. XD 😀 I love hedgehogs!

005 (1280x960)

If you enjoyed this, make sure to save it to Pinterest so you can come back to it!

We hope you enjoyed this first installment of The Art Lab. Check back every week for more fun!